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About Koek


Dutch-Argentinean photographer Richard Koek is a visual storyteller. He shares his love of New York City and the anonymous people that live and work there, on a day to day base. 

In 2018 his book  NEW YORK NEW YORK was published by Terralannoo. A 2nd version arrived In 2021. 

He shows a sensibility for the complicated life in New York, which are rather than a decisive moment, an encouragement to viewers to form their own interpretation of his work. Every picture becomes a new narrative, unique to its beholder.

Koek decided to give up his profession as a tax lawyer to pursue his passion for photography in New York City. His work has featured in renowned titles including Interview Magazine, Stern, The New York Times and The New York Review of Books. Richard Koek lives in New York and Amsterdam, 

Koek is working for various international publications, companies and non-profit organizations, and has been purchased by The National Archives of Holland, The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam.

He has exhibited work at Photoville Festival in NYC and twice at Fotofestival Naarden in The Netherlands.

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